What do I get?

What do I get with my membership at Lexington Business Center?

Main Room Business Center

Main Room Business Center


M-Sat 9am-6pm Main Room Access for your business.
Free Wifi, black and white printing
3 hrs in Conference rooms or Event Room, additional hours @$25/hr
You are added to our Membership Directory.
Business Card Rack to display your business cards and to be pass out to potential clients.
Professional Business address. You will be notified when mail arrives.
Access to in-house PC, 20hr/month. Additional hours @$7.50/hr
Month to Month or get a discount when you pay a year in advance.

$545 of value for $127/month (tangible items)

Ask about our Community Membership

Member Benefits

Business cards at a discount
Newsletters done at a discount
Resident Agent service- $87/year.
Coaching at 50% off with Success Mentor, LLC
Free Radio show with Anna’s Journey hosted by Anna Renault. Approx.6000 listeners.

Non-Member Fees

Resident Agent service- $127/year.
Non-members–Event spaces (Conference rooms or Event Room) @ $35.00/hr
Workspace access $2.90/hr or $3.50/hr
In-house PC $7.50/hr add-on to workspace access
Printing: $0.37/page  add-on to PC use
Maildrop $17/month
Advertising-Flyers in space$25/month, Business Cards $10/month, Banner Ad on website $10/month
Directory Sponsorship $25/month


If interested please fill out an application.